Guillaume Ryder

I am currently working at Google Inc. in Mountain View, California.

I was a student at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon, France) from 2004 to 2007.




Keyboard shortcut manager for Windows: downloaddocumentation.

En français

Utilitaires gratuits pour Windows.
Préparatifs de mon stage à Google aux États-Unis : démarches, papiers, visa… que du bonheur !
Récit de voyage accompagné de quelques photos
Récapitulatif point par point ; les esprits susceptibles sont libres de réagir.
ePub – Une autre parodie, cette fois du monde vidéoludique de Zelda
Versions ePub et PDF des petites merveilles d’heroic fantasy publiées sur le site de l’auteur Asp Explorer, quelques coquilles en moins. Je n’en suis pas l’auteur.

English Writings

ePub – A politically correct parody of the famous fairy tale
ePub – A more serious short story
ePub version of Life Artificial by David A Eubanks.
I’m not the author.

Computer Science Research

Computer science courses directory, that I programmed in 2006-2007 with Arthur Charguéraud. Source code (GPLv3 license)
Medical images analysis
  • Recognition algorithms for a set of medical images with high-variability
  • Design of an user interface tool leading to a patent
  • Developpement of the Matlab prototype of skin cancer detection system with an INSERM lab
Object recognition in an image
Object recognition system based on perceptual grouping, developped with the LIRIS team, during the training course of my first year at the ENS Lyon.
Research report (in French)
Trafic simulation
Microscopic-level road trafic simulation with a cellular automaton, programmed for high school project (TIPE). The simulator has a graphical interface and save several measures to build statistics.


Description and ÉNS Lyon participation (in French)

2004/2005 Southwestern Europe regional contest (SWERC): ÉNS Lyon victory

2004/2005 Word finals in Shanghai: chronique d’un voyage en Chine with some photos

The International Olympiads in Informatics are an algorithmics contest for secondary school students.

I participated twice and won a bronze medal in 2001. Then I became a member of the France-IOI association, which trains young students to select 4 of them every year for the contest. The website features online courses and exercices, with an online judge.