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The keyboard shortcut Windows + N is associated to launching Notepad.

Clavier allows to associate actions to keyboard shortcuts.



Download installer – Clavier+ 11.1.0 – 64 bits version

Download portable Zip – 64 bits version (for USB drives)

Source code hosted on GitHub.

Old versions

Download on GitHub – Clavier+ 11.0.1 – last 32-bit version

Download on GitHub – Clavier+ 10.8.4 – last version for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista

Download on GitHub – Clavier+ 10.6.6 – last version for Windows 95/98/ME

Download portable Zip – Clavier+ 9.5 – oldest version

If you want to support the development of Clavier+, you are welcome to make a donation:

Release notes

Version 11.1.0: [{KeysDown,<keys>}] command, F13..F24 support, key naming bugs fixed, 32-bit version removed.

Version 11.0.1: Spanish translation by Ricardo A. Rivas.

Version 11.0.0: shortcuts to Microsoft Store apps.

Version 10.8.4: Dutch translation by Van Hees, minor fixes.

Version 10.8.3: Slovak translation by Roman Horváth.

Version 10.8.2: better sorting order for the “shortcut” column; documentation URLs migrated to HTTPS.

Version 10.8.1: Polish translation by Grzegorz Miros.

Version 10.8.0: usage counter for each shortcut, simplified Chinese translation by Bluebell.


Clavier+ is available in several languages:

If you would like to contribute an additional translation, please contact me at for detailed instructions. Do not use resource translation software that modify executables or produce *.rc files as I would not be able to your the result of your work. Instead, I will prepare a special copy of Clavier.rc for you to work with.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This software is provided under the GPLv3 license.

In particular: